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Scenic Designs

Death of a Salesman                                            directed by Steve Scott                   Redtwist                  February  2017

Henry V                                                               directed by Hayley Rice                  Babes with Blades  February  2017

Godspell                                                             directed by Geoffrey Arndt            St. Patrick's High        March 2017

Circle Mirror Transformation                                directed by Scott Wienstien          Redtwist                        April 2017

Turtle                                                                     directed by Damon Kiely                  Redtwist                             2016

Rutherford's Travels                                             directed by Ilesa Duncan                 Pegasus Theatre                  2016

An Almanac for Farmers & Lovers in Mexico     directed by Emmi Hilger                  The Jades                             2016

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow                        directed by A. Biliter & M. Miro          Mudlark Theatre                   2016

Macbeth                                                               directed by Geoffrey Arndt                 St. Patrick's High                  2016

Dying City                                                             directed by Elizabeth Lovelady          The Comrades                      2016

Eroica                                                                    directed by Maggie Speer                  Asuza Productions               2016

The Seedbed                                                       directed by Steve Scott                       Redtwist                                2016

Photograph 51                                                      directed by Elizabeth Lovelady          20% Theatre                          2016

Christina, The Girl King                                       directed by Tosha Fowler                    Cor Theatre                           2016                   

Burn                                                                       directed by Cody Spellman                1914 N Milwaukee Ave         2016

Amok                                                                     directed by Karen Yates                     Links Hall                               2015

Merry Christmas, Mulch Pile                                directed by Jake Fruend                    Mercy Street Theatre           2015

Borderlands                                                          directed by Alex Higgin-Houser        Jackalope’s Frontier              2015

The Day John Henry Came to School                 directed by Ernie Nolan                     Merle Reskin                         2015

Elemeno Pea                                                         directed by Brian Balcom                   Healy Theatre                       2015

In the Heights                                                        directed by Lisa Portes                      Fullerton Stage                      2014

The Scavengers                                                    directed by Bonnie Metzgar              Healy Theatre                        2014

Number the Stars                                                  directed by Ernie Nolan                     Merle Reskin                          2014

The Mexicans as Told by Us Mexicans               directed by Ricardo A. Bracho          Greenhouse Theatre             2013

Prop Designs

Skippyjon Jones in Cirque de Ole                      directed by Michael Rashid                Emerald City                           2016

Mr. Popper's Penguins                                         directed by Paul Holmquist                Lifeline Theatre                      2015

Magic Tree House: A Night in New Orleans      directed by Sam Roberson                 Emerald City                           2015


For Jeff Bauer                                                       Various theatre and dance companies in the mid-west           2013-2015

Charge Artist

A Life Extraordinary                                              designed by Sarah Watkin; directed by John Gawlick                      2016

Ultra America                                                       designed by Yeaji Kim; directed by Aaron Todd Douglas                  2016

Scarcity                                                                 designed by Jeff Kmiec; directed by Cody Estle                             2016

The Full Monty                                                     designed by Jack Magaw; directed by Greg Vinkler                         2016

The Seagull                                                          designed by Jeff Kmiec; directed by Cody Estle                                2016

Grapes of Wrath                                                  designed by Courtney O'Neill; directed by Erica Weiss                     2016

American Beauty Shop                                       designed by Sarah Watkins; directed by Megan Shuchman             2016

Rolling                                                                   designed by Joanna Iwanicka; directed by Nate Silver                    2016

London Wall                                                         designed by Jeff Kmiec; directed by Robin Witt                                2016

Santaland Diaries                                                designed by Adam Veness;  directed by Jeremey Wechsler            2015

The Raid                                                             designed by Ashley Ann Woods; directed by Kaiser Ahmed         2015

Bad Jews                                                             designed by Adam Veness; directed by Jeremey Wechsler            2015

Stick Fly                                                                designed by Jackie Penrod; directed by Chuck Smith                     2015

Men Should Weep                                               designed by Courtney O’Neil; directed by Robin Witt                      2014

Assistant Work

AutoCad Teacher Asst.                                       for Courtney O’Neil, DePaul University                                              2014

Hand Drafting Teacher Asst.                              for Noelle Thomas, DePaul University                                       2013-2015

Prop Assistant                                                     for Wayne Smith & Amy Peter, DePaul University                     2012-2015       

Related Skills

Theatrical carpentry, scenic painting, lathe, machine and hand sewing, model building, hand drafting, theatrical pattern making and draping, flower arranging, acrylic, watercolor, oil paint, charcoal, multi-media collage


Software Proficiency

Microsoft Office, AutoCAD 2015, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Isadora Creative Space



Bachelor of Fine Arts in Scenic Design, The Theatre School at DePaul University 2015



Linda Buchanan, Head of Scenic Design at The Theatre School,  lbuchana@depaul.edu

Ernie Nolan, TYA Director, Choreographer & Playwright, enolan@depaul.edu

Noelle Thomas, Adjunct design faculty at The Theatre School,  proscenium@me.com